Sacred Leadership – Leading for the Greatest Good

Book –  Sacred Leadership – Leading for the Greatest Good, is written for current and potential leaders who care about something greater than themselves. It is directed at leaders who want to serve and live in a world of integrity; a world where promises are kept.

It contains a special message for leaders in the public, non-profit and service sectors and provides a framework for helping leaders return to their missions of service in a context of shared and enduring values.  Business leaders whose corporate missions include “corporate social responsibility” will also find the book applicable.  After all, it is possible to serve and make a profit!

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KGEM-TV Interview for the program “Sound bytes for Life”
Sound Bytes For Life – Interview with James Davis

California State University Los Angeles 2010 Alumni Award Gala
James Davis speaks at the CSULA Alumni Award Gala after receiving the Alumnus Charter College of Education award

The Power of Possibilities
In 2001/2002 The Davis Group Ltd., in partnership with Marvel Consulting, was contracted to produce the  The Power of Possibilities, a series of  five interactive DVDs exploring the intersection of technology and K-12 education. The series is moderated by James Davis, President of the Davis Group Ltd.  Many have called the series “prescient” in its view of the future.  Please check in with us soon as more videos of this series will be available on this page.
The Generational Divide
Our Wireless Future – Moving Towards Ubiquity
• Living in the Future
• Privacy Rights in the Digital Age (in two parts)
“Sixth College” – Examining the Intersection of Culture, Art and Technology
(3 part video series)