CURRENT and FORMER CLIENTS (partial listing):

Ed Dynamics, Inc., CA

Provide business consulting services and serve as executive coach to the senior management of this software develoment company.

Education Management Systems, CA
Provide advice in the areas of leadership development and strategic planning. Serve as an executive coach to several members of the senior leadership team.

Options for Youth Charter School, CA
Provide Advice in the areas of leadership development and strategic planning for California’s largest independent charter school. Serve as an executive coach to members of the senior leadership team.

Institute for Educational Advancement, CA
Provide strategic planning and other consulting services to this educational non-profit that serves highly gifted young people throughout the country.

Duarte Unified School District, CA
Conceptualized and facilitated the implementation of a five year program to develop a “leadership pipeline” in partnership with California State University, L.A.& The Leadership in Conflict Initiative, Dickinson College, in cooperation with the U.S. Army War College.

Pathways in Education, CA
Provide strategic planning expertise for this nonprofit educational organization.

Time Warner, Inc., NY
Provided advice and training for a national literacy program (1987-2005).

Los Angeles Business Advisors (LABA), CA
Provided advice and expertise on educational leadership issues to the President and Chairman of this group of 28 Southern California CEO’s. Developed and coordinated LABA’s Superintendent leadership development program (2000-2004).

Urban Education Partnership, CA
Provided expertise in leadership development (2002-2004).

Baldwin Park Unified School District, CA
Led the strategic planning process to improve student achievement and served as coach to senior members of the leadership team (2002 through 2003).

Los Angeles Educational Partnership, CA
Provided strategic planning, marketing, program design, data analysis, technology planning and leadership development services (1998-2002).

EDTECH, Los Angeles County, CA
Provided leadership for a partnership of 18 school superintendents serving 250,000 students in Southern California focusing on the integration of technology (1997-2002).

New American Schools-Urban Learning Center Design, CA
Provide services related to strategic planning, marketing, instructional strategies, technology and leadership training and development (1998-1999).

Xerox PARC, CA (pro bono)
Provided feedback on impact of various projects on K-12 education (1999).

Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Washington D.C. (pro bono)
Provided feedback regarding the future impact of high definition digital television on the K-12 education market (1998).

Wallenberg International Consortium for Education Reform, Cambridge, England
Assisted in the conceptualization of the consortium and represented the interests of the consortium in the United States (1998-2000).

Educational Services Limited, Sweden
Provided strategic planning services related to coordination of eight multinational companies (1999).