Executive Coaching

We provide executive coaching services to mid- and senior level executives in the non-profit, public and private sectors. Humans are more than just a set of skills, knowledge, competencies and experiences; our individual personalities bring order, excitement and unique nuances to each of us. This perspective guides us as we work with those executives who are ready to grow and expand their personal and professional boundaries and embark on a journey of learning and self-discovery.

We can help you:

  • Identify and develop your strengths
  • Recognize and learn to compensate for or manage blind spots or developmental needs
  • Strategize for career and personal development.

Our coaching model challenges our clients in a supportive environment. We focus on learning at a deep, personal level, allowing our clients to generate the learning, awareness, skills and techniques that lead to improved, next-generation leadership.

Combining behavioral assessments, such as the MBTI and DiSC,  with a variety of coaching techniques, we help our clients develop the capacity for individual growth and sustainable change.