Judeth Davis

Strategic Partner

Judeth Davis is founder and owner of Hands On Studio. She is a nationally recognized sculptor. Ms. Davis is self-taught. She studied in Italy and has also worked has a “hands on” foundry worker. Her studio is currently housed at La Founderie in Los Angeles.

Ms. Davis sculpture has been featured at the Allied Artists and National Sculpture Society shows in New York. She has also shown at the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino California, as well as exhibitions throughout Southern and the Central Coast regions of California. She is a member of the National Sculpture Society, the National Association of Women Artists, the National Portrait Society, the California Art Club and is past-president of the Pasadena Society of Artists.

In his book A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink makes the case that “right brain” thinkers will rule the future.  Judeth brings the “right brain” to our consulting practice! Ms. Davis has 25 years of experience facilitating groups. Using art and music, she leads groups through exercises that provide freer access to “right brain thinking”, thereby enhancing their innovative planning process. Participants experience the art of “letting go and letting come” as their thinking and creative processes move from the “left brain” linear world of symbolic language, to the free flowing creative space of ideas and vision.

In addition, Judeth utilizes her sculpture to capture group dynamics and outcomes, developing sculptural icons as a form of three dimensional graphic recording. Unlike most traditional two-dimensional graphic recordings, Judeth’s work captures not only the ideas, but also the relationships and emotions of the group process, keeping participants connected to the process long after they return to their day-to-day activities.

Judeth is married to executive coach, James Davis, and has three children and four grandchildren.  You can see her work at www.judethdavis.com.