What we do

We provide executive coaching services for senior and mid-level leaders. Our coaching model builds upon a trusting relationship between the executive and the coach. Within the context of this relationship, the coach supports the executive in improving his/her personal and/or organizational leadership capabilities and effectiveness.

We offer a range of seminars tailored to meet the needs of existing leadership teams or for groups of aspiring leaders within your organization.. Sample topics include:

• Strategic Leadership
• Leading in Chaotic Times
• The Changing Leadership Landscape
• Cohesive Work Groups and Teams
• Temperament and the “BE” of Leadership
• Personal & Organizational Values – Setting the Boundaries for Action
• Leading With Credibility
• The Ethical Basis of Leadership
• Changing the World by Changing the Way We Communicate
• Leading in Four Directions

Please Note: Specialized seminars can be developed to meet the unique leadership issues facing your organization.

Mr. Davis and Senior Associates are available for talks and keynote presentations on a variety of leadership topics. Recent presentations include:

• Sacred Leadership – Leading for the Greatest Good
(This talk is especially appropriate for those in education, healthcare, fire, police and other helping professions – what we call the “sacred” professions.)
• The Changing Leadership Landscape
• Leading in Chaotic Times – Lessons from the U.S. Army War College

We work with senior executives to design and facilitate leadership development programs to improve the effectiveness of existing leadership teams, as well as programs to develop the leadership potential of aspiring leaders within your organization.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and/or questions jdavis@davisgroupltd.net.