Sacred Leadership: Leading for the Greatest Good

Sacred Leadership – Leading for the Greatest Good

Sacred Leadership – Leading for the Greatest Good, is written for current and potential leaders who care about something greater than themselves. It is directed at leaders who want to serve and live in a world of integrity; a world where promises are kept.

The book was published in June 2012 and has been well received in the United States as well as internationally.  It can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  An eBook version is available through Kindle Books.

It contains a special message for leaders in the public, non-profit and service sectors and provides a framework for helping leaders return to their missions of service in a context of shared and enduring values.  Business leaders whose corporate missions include “corporate social responsibility” will also find the book applicable.  After all, it is possible to serve and make a profit!

“Sacred Leadership” provides a pathway through a world in which Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) reign. It connects both the hard analytical side of leadership with the spiritual core that lies within the heart of every leader. “Sacred Leadership” weaves the power of sacred mission, shared and enduring values and foresight into a leadership paradigm that is powerful, inclusive, sustainable and actionable in any organization.

“Sacred Leadership” is not about religion but rather about connecting to deep purpose in our work and in our lives. It is that deeper purpose that is sacred and that will sustain us in this increasingly chaotic world.

Join the journey and leave with a blueprint for your own leadership practice.  I would love to hear your comments and thoughts. They can be posted at the Sacred Leadership blog here.